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7 Marvel Comic Characters I Want To Read About

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If you couldn’t already tell, I am Marvel trash. I am Marvel trash to the highest order of Marvel trash, I watch all the films they day they come out (midnight showings wherever possible as well), I buy loads of their Pop Vinyl figures, I own about twelve t-shirts with the characters on… I’m obsessed.

And yet, I have barely read any of their comics.

I know, shocking, but in my defence, I was out of the reading game for about eight years, and only recently got into comic books in general, so, you know, as far as excuses go, that isn’t bad.

But, I have rectified this situation by buying a tonne of comics, and have started reading them. So far I’ve read:

Doctor Strange: The Oath

Jessica Jones: ALIAS Volume One (sidenote, why can I never find the English version for this on Goodreads, anyone know?)

Black Widow: S.H.I.E.L.D’s Most Wanted/No More Secrets

Marvel 1602

Loki Agent Of Asgard: Trust Me

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The Coulson Protocols

Doctor Strange And The Sourcers Supreme: Out Of Time/Time After Time

So, I haven’t done too badly, I’ve read a few in the last year and really enjoyed myself for the most part, but I want to explore more. I’ve stuck mostly to the characters I know, reading these comics around the time their film counterparts are released, which is all well and good, but it’s not giving me the full Marvel experience if you know what I mean.

I want to read more comic books, discover characters I haven’t seen on screen, that I’m unlikely to ever see on screen. I need to break away from just the safe movie-only knowledge, and really get into the world of Marvel Comics.

Here is my top…. of Marvel characters I want to read about:



I have heard of She-Hulk, and actually, own a keyring Pop of her, but I know next to nothing about her as a character. All I know about the character is that she is always ‘Hulked out’ but remains in control of herself and that she works as a lawyer. I didn’t even know She-Hulk’s real name until I just googled it and that has to change.

Captain Marvel.


Yeah, alright, she’s getting her own movie so I’ll find out about her soon enough. But Carol Danvers also appeared in Jessica Jones: ALIAS and my interest was caught immediately. I loved seeing how the two interacted, and their hinted shared past, I want to explore more of that, find out more of Carol’s own adventures. If she’s friends with the Avengers (and is an Avenger herself) and is friends with Jessica Jones, she has to be worth checking out.



I recently picked up a Gwenpool comic for my birthday, but know absolutely nothing about her character. From what I can tell, she’s a massive Marvel fan from ‘our world’ and breaks the fourth wall, much like Deadpool. Other than that, I know absolutely nothing, and I really want to get to know this character. She sounds like me in a lot of ways, and I feel like I’d do exactly the same things she does when arriving in the Marvel Universe.

Adam Warlock.


Again, yeah I know he’s had his mention and he’s going to be turning up soon in the MCU, but there’s so little I know about this character, I just want to know more. He’s been grown to be evil but turns out good, and the Illuminati trust him with the Infinity Gauntlet, one of the most powerful objects of the Marvel Universe, he couldn’t be more fascinating if he tried!



I love vampires. Not Twilight vampires, I mean Underworld and such vampires. Have done since I was a kid, I think they’re freaking awesome! So there was no way I wasn’t going to put a character like Morbius on this list – he’s a blood drinking, sunlight-avoiding, antihero, what else needs to be said to get me excited over a character? Nothing!

The Sentry.


Now, this is an interesting one, the dude is an ally of Spiderman, Hulk, Doctor Strange and Mr Fantastic, and his arch enemy is the dark version of himself. He’s forced to make the world, including himself, forget who he is, I would love to read more about this guy’s story, and find how he ties together all these different heroes.



A non-mutant who gains mutant powers thanks to being tattooed by a mutant. I’m obsessed with tattoos, I don’t have any of my own (yet) but I love tattoos. The idea of having powers transferred to you through tattoo is something which is utterly fascinating! Also, he’s called Eric, and I have a soft spot for Marvel characters called Eric, thanks to Magneto and Killmonger.

I could go on for days about characters I want to read more about, but I think I’ll stop it there before I go on all day. Honestly, though, I feel like there are so many characters I’m missing out on, and that I’m going to spend years catching up with everyone. Hopefully, I’ll get to explore a few in the comics I already own or find comics with these characters in soon.

The Marvel Universe is a fascinating place, one I am constantly surprised and overjoyed by. I wish I could do a Gwenpool and jump right into their world, instead of living in this one. All the characters are fascinating, and I feel like there’s always new ones to explore. Marvel have such a range of characters, I feel like I’d be hard done by to find two who are the same.

Who are your favourite Marvel Comics characters? Comment down below with some of your favourites, as well as any recommendations for comics involving the characters on this list, I’d be incredibly grateful for any help you can give me!

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