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Top 5 Wednesday – Book Wish List


So, NaNoWriMo absolutely exhausted me, hence why there’s been a lack of blog posts recently. But, I want to get back into it, so I thought I’d do a Top 5 Wednesday, and have a bit of a chat about my most wanted books on my wishlist!

  1. 38524301 The Steel Prince, Volume 1 – V E Schwab. I’m a massive Schwab fan, especially of her Darker Shade Of Magic series. I’m also a massive fan of comic books. So, when I heard that the three were combining into a prequel series about King Maresh, I was immediately desperate for it. Sadly, I have no comic book store near me, and I’m absolutely paranoid about missing individual issues, so I decided to wait until the bind up came out. Though, this now does mean that I have to wait another three months until I read this book, which is a torturous wait, to say the least. But, it’ll be worth the wait, I know it will be. Schwab has never let me down, and this will be the perfect way to kick start my reread of the entire Darker Shade Of Magic series in anticipation of the release of Threads Of Power.
  2. 25938397 Jane Steele – Lyndsay Faye. I’m not going to lie, I am not a fan of Jane Eyre. I hate books romance books, especially Victorian romance, it bores me to tears. But then I heard about this. A Jane Eyre retelling where Jane has a trail of bodies behind her. Not only that, but so does Mr Thornfield. So, while this is still a romance, I’m incredibly interested in this book. I’m a sucker for murderous, morally grey characters, and this sounds the perfect place to find them!
  3. 35181314 Heart Of Iron – Ashley Poston. This has been on my wishlist for I don’t know how long at this point, I feel like it’s been there since I started my Goodreads account. And yet, I have never seen it in any bookstore I’ve walked into. Ever. Honestly, it has never been in any bookstore I’ve walked into since it’s release. I half doubted it’s existence, which has only made me want it more. I’m desperate to get more into sci-fi books, and this one has a semi-pirate-esque feel to it. To say that I’m interested in it is an understatement!
  4. 37822534 Seafire – Natalie C Parker. Speaking of pirates, this book is all about pirates. Female pirates. Wanting revenge on the man who wronged them. What could possibly be more perfect for me to read?! It sounds amazing and right up my alley – and like the perfect book to fill the Jessica Jones sized hole in my heart. This is another I haven’t ever seen in stores, but I am praying that someone buys it for me for Christmas, I haven’t been this desperate to read a book since The Beast’s Heart!
  5. 17785931 X-Men Legacy: Legion, Volume 2, Invasive Exotics – Spurrier, Huat and Davidson. What can I say? I’m X-Men trash, as well as Legion trash. Ever since I watched season 1 of the Legion TV show, I’ve been hooked, and when I read volume 1 of this series, I was enthralled by it. I adored seeing this other side of Legion – the real Legion who may just be rising in the next season of the TV series. From the troll-doll hair to the sarcasm, to the all-out insanity of the comics, I adore his character. I’m desperate to know more, to know how things are changing for David, how he’s learning to control his powers, and how he deals with a world which grossly misunderstands him. I really want this comic, and as soon as possible, it’s fascinating and keeps me going while I wait for Dan Steven’s to step back into David Haller’s shoes again.

This isn’t my complete list, but these are just a few of my top priority books. I have so many at this point and keep on adding more as the weeks go by.

What’s on your to buy list? Got anything similar to me? Tell me down in the comments!