Whispery NaNoWriMo Update


NaNoWriMo2017 – Week Two – I Jinxed It

NaNoWriMo2017 - Week Two

So… I jinxed it in my last blog post. Turns out, this week could be worse and that things were going to get a lot tougher.

I mean, I’m still ahead of schedule, but it’s been hard. It’s taken several midnight writing sessions, and lot of snatching any moment possible to get things done, but I’ve managed it as best as I can.

But, I’m still ahead, and that’s what matters. As long as I’m not behind, I’m happy.

On a lighter note though, I have done some great things this week. I’ve managed to:

  • Start sending my children’s book off to publishers
  • Keep myself ahead of schedule
  • Write a few things I actually liked writing.

Not a lot of what I’ve written, I’ve deleted most of it and rewritten it. But the bits I’ve kept I’ve reasonably liked, which is always a start.

Currently though, that’s all I really have to say on NaNo week 2, I would make thing longer, and probably spell check it too if it wasn’t 2am in the morning, but never mind. How are you guys getting along? I hope it’s all going well for you, leave me a comment below about your progress!


NaNoWriMo2017 – Week One – Not A Bad Start

NaNoWriMo2017 - Week One

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Not only is it Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, it’s also the 5th day of NaNoWriMo, signalling the end of the first week of 2017’s attempt.

And it’s not going too badly so far.

You know that blog post I made a few weeks back, talking about how scared I was for this year’s madness? Turns out, this week has proven a few things to me:

  1. I can write in my madhouse, with all the distractions going around.
  2. Midnight writing isn’t always needed (ironically, apart from right this moment).
  3. I can actually get ahead of myself when I put my mind to it.

Currently, my progress graph looks like this:


So you can see that I’m currently running around a day ahead of myself, which is where I usually like to stay, as it gives me a cushion for those really bad days where absolutely nothing gets done because words refuse to co-operate.

On top of that, I’ve also already managed to achieve my second goal of this year’s NaNo, which was to finish editing my children’s novel, so it’s ready for publication.

I know, editing isn’t usually allowed during NaNoWriMo, but I knew that if I didn’t finish editing this book now, it was never, ever going to get done. It was going to languish on my hard drive forever and never see the light of day. And I didn’t want that, so I decided that on top of getting to the 50,000 words, I was going to actually edit a book on top of that.

Not only do I now count my children’s novel as done and ready to start sending off to publishers (ahhhhhhhh!) I’ve also managed to come up with three more books in the same universe, to make an entire series out of it! I totally didn’t think that I was going to make more than one sequel, but as I thought about it, I got several more ideas rolling around in my head, and it’s just built into this four book series I can’t wait to get stuck in with!

Of course, I’m going to wait until after NaNo to start that, I’ve got enough on my plate as it is, without writing more children’s books on top of that. But, I’m really happy with what’s coming next in that series, and my progress so far with the projects I’m focusing on this month.

All in all, I’m really proud of myself this month so far, and I’m really hoping it continues. Currently, only time will tell, but things are looking good. I could be jinxing this, which means at this time next week I’ll be having a bit of a breakdown, but right now, things are feeling good. I feel like I’m in the flow of this now, and a hell of a lot more confident in this years 50,000 attempt.

There are still 25 more days to go, but I feel like I can do it now, that my confidence is back, that I may actually be falling back in love with writing again.

Let’s hope it continues!

How’s everyone else’s writing going? Anybody storming ahead, anybody really far behind, anybody not taking part at all because it’s too crazy? Let me know in the comments!

First Ever Comic Con – Day One

As I sit and watch Hotel Transylvania, after being inspired by seeing a cosplayer dressed as Mavis, I’ve finally had the chance to reflect on my first day of London Comic Con. 

I’ve been waiting for this day since March, when my best friend Charlie bought us tickets for my 21st. We have said for years that we would go, but have never had the chance, and this year we finally gave up on waiting, and now that we are here, it was definitely worth the wait.

So far, we have gone across the o2 cable cars, wandered around the entire south side of the Excel centre and spent far too much money. So far, I’ve bought three comic books, four bookmarks, two pop vinyls, one pop key ring, three tshirts and a necklace for myself, and a few Christmas presents for my mum. 

The cosplayers have been amazing to watch and admire, seeing all the models and exhibits has been fascinating, and while I’ve been in agony thanks to a tonne of excerise I’m not used to, it has truly been great.

The highlight of today though, has most definitely been the autographs.

Because, oh my god, I met Hayley Atwell and Andrew Scott today. Hayley Atwell and Andrew Scott. Peggy Carter and Moriarty himself. I met them. I met them. 

Hayley Atwell said I was lovely. 

Andrew Scott liked my hair.

I nearly cried, and barely managed to make words.

It was the most epic thing to happen to me this year. 

I wish I could have photos, but I decided to buy merch instead, or go for that at a later con.

Today has been the best day ever, I’ll post up photos later, as I’m typing this in a haze on my iPad.

Tomorrow we explore the Marvel zone, see the costumes, the models and whatever we find in the North side. 

I cannot wait for it, and have vowed to never wait this long between conventions ever again!