Black Panther Forever

Black Panther Forever

The world fell in love with T’Challa, AKA The Black Panther, in Captain America: Civil War in 2016, but 2018 was the year of his first solo movie, and it does not hold back!

It’s fair to say that Black Panther has been one of the most talked about Marvel films in years, you could go as far as to say that it’s the most talked about film of 2018 so far. Marvel films usually are the most talked about of any year, but this one has been especially anticipated.

The first superhero film to feature a black lead since Blade, and definitely the first to feature a nearly entirely black cast, this film had a lot to prove to the world. And it didn’t just prove itself, it outshone every expectation I had.

I was expecting the usual Marvel affair, light-hearted, funny and great action scenes. Instead, I got a lesson in African culture, in responsibility, and in what it feels like to be an outsider in a world which has not been kind.

Following in the same vein as Luke Cage, one of Black Panther’s main themes is racism, and how it can affect those prejudiced against. It shows what happens when it is ignored, especially by those who can help.

Also following Luke Cage’s example, the film brings culture to the forefront. Not superhero culture, or American culture, but Wakandan culture. Steeped in tradition, inspired by African culture, mixed with technology so advanced it would make Tony Stark’s head spin, Wakanda is nothing like anything I could have ever imagined.

Director, Ryan Coogler, could have easily ignored tradition and created a more Westernised Wakanda, a technologically advanced America. Instead, he decided to celebrate Africa, to finally bring the continent to the big screen. It was clear to see that he had done his homework, that everyone involved had too. From the warriors of Wakanda (including a specialised army made entirely of women) to the five tribes, to the country itself, everything had African influence. Everything tied back to tradition, to culture, and never let its audience forget just where they were in the world.

I cannot speak as for how accurate this was, as I know nothing of Africa or of the deep racist problems of the world, further than what I have seen in the news. But what I can say is this, Black Panther is a brilliant film, one that will break records and set an example for the film industry in terms of diversity. It is fast paced, full of life, and comes with an incredibly important message. It’s a must for anyone who enjoys the superhero genre, and a brilliant expansion of the MCU, one I hope stays on for years and years to come.

5/5 stars.

Book Haul!

Book Haul!

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more books until my birthday, I swore I wouldn’t. I have too many to read as it is, I can’t justify buying more just because I had a good reading month.

And yet, yesterday, when I ended up in Bluewater’s Waterstones, I bought seven more books. In my defence, they gave me a basket, and their shop is far bigger than the one in Maidstone town centre. But still, I swore I wouldn’t, but here I am, with seven more books to read, which I may or may not get to at some point in the next decade because I’m usually a terribly slow reader.

That being said, I figured I’d make a blog post with them all on because it’s strikebackvideoathon, I have no time to film an extra video, and I want to continue with my Wednesday blog post schedule.

So, without any more waffling on, here’s my latest book haul:


Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Coulson Protocols – I’m a huge S.H.I.E.L.D. fan, I adore Coulson, May and Co, but I’ve only ever really explored them on the TV show. I’ve never read any comic involving any of the characters, so when I saw this, I decided I had to have it. Not only does the storyline sound great, but Tony Stark also makes an appearance, which is intriguing, because if this follows the TV continuity, he doesn’t know Coulson is still alive.

I’ll probably read this one around the time the TV show comes back on English TV, which is sometime in April if E4 doesn’t push it back for a second time. Or I may read it earlier than that if I get a sudden need for some more Coulson in my life. Either way, I can’t wait to read this one and explore a different side to S.H.I.E.L.D.!


Deadpool V Gambit The ‘V’ Is For ‘VS’ – I really love Deadpool and have collected a few of his comics (which I haven’t read yet, I’m waiting for the release of Deadpool 2 – can you tell I like matching my reading to the TV/film release schedule?) but I’ve never really seen anything with Gambit in. I know next to nothing about the character, so this was a bit of an odd choice for me. Really, the only reason why I picked it up is that my best friend, Charlie, read this last week and told me that I HAD to read it. She is admittedly a Gambit fan, but I usually trust her judgement when it comes to books, as she is an avid reader with good taste, so I’ll see where this one takes me.

Again, I’ll probably read this one in the middle of a massive Deadpool binge in preparation for Deadpool 2 in May, or I may leave it until the Gambit movie… If it’s ever made, which isn’t looking likely at this point in time…


Going Postal – You have no idea how long I have been waiting to find this book! I have been looking for Going Postal for so freaking long, words cannot describe my excitement to finally own a copy! Screw the fact that it doesn’t have the same cover designs as any of my Terry Pratchett collection, I’ve been wanting this book for too long to care! And the cover is beautiful, the envelopes are all shiny and the cover feels like canvas, I adore it!

I have no idea when I’ll get to this one, as I’m planning on reading The Colour Of Magic and The Light Fantastic this year, but I may make an exception and read this one instead. I loved the Sky One adaption, and have been curious as to how accurate it is to the book for years, maybe it’s time to finally find out!


The Extinction Trials – The front cover said ‘Hunger Games meets Jurassic World’ and had me instantly sold. I really like The Hunger Games films (again, I’m still playing catch up after years of being out of the reading game) and adore Jurassic Park, so I was immediately intrigued by this one. The story sounds amazing, and I’m really interested to see how this one turns out.

I have absolutely no idea when I’ll get to this one, I may get to it next year, or I may get inspired when Jurassic World 2 comes out, who knows? I’ll see where my mood takes me with this one. No doubt my Mum will have read it first because she’s a Jurassic Park nut and was immediately interested when I picked it up.


Tin – I only heard about this book recently, probably because it only recently got published. But the premise sounded really interesting, so I picked it up. Also, it was part of the ‘buy one get one half price’ section, alongside the Extinction Trials, so I decided to pick it up. I think this is supposed to be more of a kids book, but I’m interested to see if it’s as thought-provoking as it’s said to be. Either way, there are robots, and I’m currently really interested in robotics, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it.

This one is probably going to spend a while on my TBR pile, while I get through some of the stuff I promised I would read first. I have a feeling this one will get read sometime next year maybe unless I somehow get through a huge amount of my TBR pile this year, which is unlikely, to say the least.


Illuminae – That’s right, I finally bought Illuminae! I’ve wanted this one for such a long time, everyone on booktube keeps on talking about how good it is, and how different it is from other books they’ve read, but I’ve never seen it in my local Waterstones! All I’ve ever been able to find is the sequel, which is no good to me without this one, so I was so pleased to see this one on the shelves. I didn’t hesitate in picking this one up, especially with my new found love of sci-fi books, and really cannot wait to see how this one pans out.

I have a feeling I’ll get to this one this year – I’ve got a plan to start a few series’ before my birthday/before I go to the massive Waterstones in London in May so I can buy all the sequels when I hopefully have some money/can justify buying them. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those, as so many people have been talking about it, and I’m really, really interested in finding out what the fuss is all about with this book.


Wrath Of The Dawn – There were two reasons for this purchase. One is that Charlie told me that this book is incredible and I HAVE to read it, and two is because I swore to myself to read more diverse books this year. I’ve already made a good start with this, but I haven’t read anything with a POC character in so far, and this book’s main characters are all POC from what I can tell. I’m really interested to see how this book pans out, if I like it as much as Charlie does, or if I end up in the minority who didn’t like it.

This will actually probably end up as another I try to read before I go off on another book haul, which has made me realise that all but two of these will probably get read this year, so it’s safe to ignore my previous statement of me not getting to these books for the next decade. Instead, my poor unread-for-three-years TBR pile will end up neglected a while longer… sorry books.

Have you guys read any of these books? Tell me down below what you thought of them, or if I need to rush to read certain ones first! I’d love to know any of your opinions on them!