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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Spoiler Free Review


Jurassic Park has been a landmark film franchise for the last 28 years, ever since the first one burst onto our screens in 1990. It pushed the boundaries of CGI and animatronics, scared the living daylights out of small children, and delighted adults for three films.

Then, Jurassic World came along three years ago, and some fans were left disappointed. Others, like myself, were wowed by the new material.

But, does it’s sequel, Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom, do any better? Or does it suffer from second-film-fatigue?

In short, Fallen Kingdom leaves the first Jurassic World in the dust.

This time, the dinosaurs are off the island, saved from their second extinction, only to be sold off to the highest bidder. Owen (Christ Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) set out to stop it, with the help of two new interns and a little girl – the granddaughter of Hammond’s business partner, who holds the key to a new storyline for the franchise.

They’re off-island, back in the ‘real world’, and the danger is only just getting started.

Filled with edge-of-your-seat-tension, terrifying dinosaurs (including a new breed Dr Wu has come up with), and a surprising amount of humour, Jurassic World is a thrill ride I cannot forget.

I’d even go as far to say that this is the best film in the franchise after the original one, it’s that good.

Yes, the storyline is a little far-fetched in places. Yes, the plot is skin-thin. Yes, it’s more of people getting eaten, apart from our heroes.

But, it’s fun. This film encapsulates everything that is fun about Jurassic Park as a franchise. It’s all about the scary dinosaurs, eating people and scaring the living daylights out of you. That’s what Jurassic World has always been about.

For some, the formula may be getting tiring, but, for a lot of the audience, including myself, this was incredible amounts of fun.

I loved every second, my mum, a dedicated fan of the franchise ever since it came out, was in awe, my best friend, a huge dinosaur fan, was unbelievably into it.

And I truly believe that sceptics of the first Jurassic World should give this one a chance. This one has learnt what the essense of this series is, and has filled itself with references to the original films. Any die-hard fan will spot the references to beloved scenes from the original three, and will love to see the return of Malcolm, even though his part is small.

All in all, I loved Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. It’s classic Jurassic Park, with added references, a bit more humour, and slightly more layered plot. The dinsoaurs are fantastic, the humans being eaten scenes are fantastic, and the tension had my heart pounding with exhilaration.

I cannot recommend Fallen Kingdom enough, to die-hards, sceptics, and general fans of dinosaurs alike. The franchise feels invigorated, and is now about to go down a new path, and an incredibly interesting one at that.

I, for one, cannot wait for the sequel. I just hope I don’t have to wait another 3 years for it!


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Eve Of Man By Tom and Giovanna Fletcher Spoiler Free Review


What happens if no girls are born in 50 years? What if the human race has lost hope, resigned to the fact that they’re going to go extinct? What if, then, miraculously, a girl is born?

And what if, this girl, Eve, has been lied to her entire life?

That is the story of Eve Of Man, the first in a YA trilogy, written by chart-toppers Tom and Giovanna Fletcher.

The book follows the story of Eve, the first girl born in 50 years, said to be the savior of humanity, and what happens when she falls in love with Bram and discovers that everything she has ever been told is a lie.

Now, before I go into opinions, I want to preface this by saying that I am a bit bias towards this book. I’m a massive McFly fan, and I mean massive McFly fan. I’ve followed them for 10 years this August, Tom, specifically, is my favourite. I’ve loved his previous books, I love his channel, and just generally am a massive fangirl for Tom and his band.

And, the last time I reviewed one of Tom’s books, this happened:


So, yeah, I’m a little bit bias towards this book.

But, saying that, I was a bit wary going in. I’m not the biggest fan of love stories in books. Particularly, YA love stories. I’ve been burned a lot in the past with books giving me the most interesting storyline, for it to be derailed entirely because the main character falls for the guy, or two guys, and can’t decide which one she wants to start a relationship with. So, when I found out that this was an ‘unconventional love story’ I was a tiny bit wary.

I needn’t have worried at all.

Eve Of Man was a very fun read, and the love story did not entirely take over the storyline. While it was a big plot point, our main characters are focused entirely on unraveling the lies/setting about freeing Eve. It was fantastic to see and so refreshing to read as well.

The story kept us focused on escaping, on finding out the lies weaved through Eve’s life, on what exactly has actually been going on for the last 50 years. In short, it was riveting, I didn’t want to put it down.

Favourite things about the book:

The technology. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about RealiTV’s, holograms, Protectants, and everything inside this dystopian world. It all felt real to me as I read, not too fantastical at all, given the setting.

The flashes of Handmaid’s Tale throughout. In Eve’s POV, I definitely had a sense of Handmaid’s Tale during some moments. Not like it was a direct copy of the book/TV show, but maybe slightly inspired by Margret Atwood. It fit perfectly in this world and worked a treat in keeping the medical science element creepy.

The effect the human race had had on the world. Because the human race had lost hope, the basically gave up trying to save the planet. Global warming has gotten so bad that most of the world is now underwater, with it’s remaining people living is tall skyscrapers, built to withstand the water levels. I’ve never seen a dystopian which deals with humanities effect on the planet, so it was really interesting to see that touched on in this book.

Small niggles I had:

I would have liked a bit more detail on the Mothers, and each of their personalities. Only two really stood out to me as characters, the rest sort of melded into one. A bit more personality and detail on each would have been perfect.

Bram being more proactive than Eve. Bram seemed to do all the work in this, while Eve ended up getting swept up in it all. She had a few moments of defiance and badassery, but I would have liked to see a few more. That could be explained by her situation though, so I’ll withhold judgement on that until the trilogy is out in its entirety.

The men were said to be so untrustworthy that they weren’t allowed to even look at Eve when they were in the same room as her, as they may not be able to control their urges. I would have liked to have seen a bit more explanation into this, maybe an account of this happening in the past with other women. Or, if this was made up by the people controlling Eve, for that to have been made clear. Again, this could happen in a later trilogy, so I’m withholding judgement.

Apart from those few little problems, I really, really enjoyed this book, and have high hopes for the next two.

Tom and Giovanna have set up a very interesting world and story,  with two great characters to follow. I cannot wait to read the sequel!

4/5 stars.


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Deadpool 2 Spoiler Free Review

Deadpool 2 Spoiler Free Review

Warning: This review contains swearing, but it’s a Deadpool review, so you probably won’t care if you’re here.

Deadpool has been a legend among Marvel comic characters ever since his creation. He defies superhero rules, swears, breaks the fourth wall and is generally the biggest fucking antihero to ever antihero.

So, naturally, his debut film starring Ryan Reynolds as the infamous Wade Wilson became the highest selling R rated movie of all time in 2016. This year his sequel came out, and the question is, does it live up to the hype of the original?

You can bet your ass it does!

Deadpool 2 is an explosive (literally) fireball of a sequel, keeping all the things fans love from the first film while keeping the storyline fresh and original.

Without giving away spoilers, Deadpool 2 is about family, responsibility and standing up for those who need a hero. It’s also about grief and the lengths people will go to to try to make things right again. It gets deep, real deep, deeper than anyone thought Deadpool could get without the help of bullets and katanas.

And yet, it’s still funny. In between the serious, heartbreaking moments where we really see who Wade Wilson is at his core, is the usual cracktastic Deadpool we all love. He breaks the 4th wall, he makes jokes that are very, very close to the mark, he still kills people in the most violent way possible.

He’s still Deadpool, but there’s so much heart in this film, I wasn’t expecting it at all.
At first, it’ll have you saying some variation of ‘what in the ass is going on here?!’ But what follows is truly one of the best films I’ve seen this year. In places it’s beautiful, in others it’s hilarious, in others you cringe in pain for characters after particularly bloody fights. Deadpool 2 was more than I could have ever imagined it would be. I loved every mad second of it.

With cameos, you never expected to see, introductions to new fan favorites, and a fantastic storyline, Deadpool 2 has proven that it is a juggernaut of a franchise that can and will break every convention the superhero genre has picked up over the years, all while being ridiculously entertaining.

If you loved Deadpool 1, you will adore Deadpool 2. It truly is a masterpiece from Fox. Something I never thought I would say (with the exception of Logan last year, which I’m still not over).

Just a word of advice -stick around after the credits roll, the end credit scene is the best thing I’ve ever seen, that had the audience screaming with laughter. It, like the rest of the film, is not to be missed.


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Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Free Review


Spoiler Free Review.png

This time last night, I was sitting in the cinema, preparing myself for the film event of the year. A film that has been 10 years, and 18 films, in the making.

Three different sets of superheroes – Avengers, Guardians and Masters Of The Mystic Arts, all coming together to create this one film. Infinity War.

Finally, the Avengers, the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Black Panther, and every superhero ever introduced all teaming up to defeat one person – Thanos.

It was a risk, a huge risk. What if the audience didn’t like a certain team? What if a key superhero failed to create the buzz needed? What if Thanos wasn’t a scary enough villain?

But let me tell you, it pays off. 

This film is everything every Marvel fan has ever wanted and more.

It’s funny, it’s clever, it’s absolutely devasting.

The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, characters actually die in this one, and they are not coming back (much to my absolute horror), and the ending is such a cliffhanger I am still in shock, 24 hours later.

To sound cliche to the maximum, which does not suit the sheer magnitude of this film, I laughed, I cried (twice), I cheered when heroes teamed up with other heroes. I gasped, I hyperventilated for the entire film, I nearly crushed my mum’s hand I was squeezing it was so hard.

Infinity War is everything I wanted and more. My predictions for the film were 90% wrong, I didn’t see anything that happened coming. I was utterly captivated and left crying through the titles at the end.

I cannot praise Marvel enough for this film. I cannot praise the actors and the writers and the CGI people and the directors and everyone for this film. This film paid off in every single way possible. I loved every single second, even when I was crying my eyes out, even as I sit here now, in total and utter denial, I loved every single second.

This is the biggest film event of a lifetime, and the experience cannot be topped. If it is topped, it’ll be by Avengers 4 next year.

To say the least, though, Avengers 4 has a lot to answer, and a lot to live up to.

For now, though, Infinity War is a brilliant, fantastic, out of this world thrill ride of an emotional rollercoaster. A must see for every superhero fan. There will never be an event like this again, and it has to be seen to be believed.


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Top 5 Wednesday – Auto-Buy Scifi and Fantasy Authors

Auto-buy Scifi and Fantasy Authors

Finally, time for another Top 5 Wednesday, it’s been too long! But this is a topic I can really get my teeth into – Auto-Buy Scifi and Fantasy Authors!

I’ve only recently gotten into Scifi, but I’ve been a fan of Fantasy for as long as I can remember. It’s my favourite genre, I practically live in Fantasy novels if I’m honest, and I have several authors I auto-buy without even thinking. I barely look at the synopsis for them, I just see they’ve released a new book and jump right in!

So, without further ado, let’s get into my Top 5 Auto-Buy Scifi and Fantasy Authors!

  • Terry Pratchett.Terry Pratchett

Were you really expecting anything else from me, honestly? I adore Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, they’re the ultimate Fantasy for me. They’re clever, funny, and all-encompassing. He’s sadly no longer with us, but if I ever go into a bookstore and find a Discworld novel I don’t own, I snap it up immediately! I have no room on my Pratchett shelf, the new covers do not match our original covers (they’re not even the same size, and are a mess of paper and hardback covers) but that doesn’t stop me. I won’t stop until I own every single thing Terry wrote. My only exception is the things he co-wrote (with the exception to that rule being Good Omens, because my God that book is good), I’m not keen on anything he wrote with other authors, but anything solo is mine. 

  • V.E. Schwab.V.E. Schwab

Again, any surprises here? No, not really. I have a serious thing for Schwab’s writing, it’s a beautiful mix of incredible world building, impeccable characterisation and brutal violence, which essentially ticks every box on my ‘book needs’ checklist. And that’s without even mentioning how effortlessly diverse her books are, so expertly woven into her incredibly imaginative stories. I simply adore her books, and always look forward to whatever she’ll write next. Whether it be a comic book, a middle-grade novel, or a spin-off from an already-established series, I will always pick up her stories.

  • Derek Landy.Derek Landy

The author of Skulduggery Pleasant, one of the best children’s books series I’ve ever read. I may have only read the first three (to say the least I’m stretching it out as much as possible, so it doesn’t end too quick), but I’m always on the lookout for the latest book in this wonderful series. I’ve also got the first book in his other series, Demon Road, which I am also saving for when I can dedicate a decent amount of time to it. Landy’s writing is so sharp, so quick and never talks down to its reader. It revels in the scary and of the consequences of magic. I have loved his writing ever since I was a child, to the point where I actually dressed as Valkyrie Caine for a World Book Day when I was twelve. Essentially, I adore Derek Landy, especially his Skulduggery series, and will never stop recommending it to others, let alone buying every book he comes out with.

  • Jay Kristoff.Jay Kristoff

I only recently discovered the joys of Jay Kristoff’s books, and even though I’ve only read one and three quarters of another, I have loved every second of his writing style. It’s frank, and doesn’t shy away from brutal murder, or the gore that follows it. Like I said before, I’m a bit of a fan of murder and gore, but Kristoff has a certain talent for it that I cannot help but be drawn to like a moth to the flame. Nevernight is now one of my favourite books of the year, and I’ve basically pushed it on my mum and best friend, insisting they read it ASAP. As for Illuminae, it’s hit me in a way I didn’t expect, forcing me to put it down for a while, but that, to me, just speaks of its quality. I cannot wait to see what else Kristoff comes up with in the future, whatever it’ll be, I’m sure it’s going to be incredible.

  • Skottie Young.

After reading I Hate Fairyland, I’ve decided that Young is a freaking genius with comic books. Somewhere between brilliance, hilarity and OTT violence, Young is an absolutely fantastic writer. Ever since I’ve wanted to pick up every comic book he writes. Alas, I haven’t managed it yet, but I’m constantly on the lookout for everything he’s written (especially the Marvel comics, I’m a bit obsessed…). He’s a great author to read when feeling a little low, or looking for an incredibly quick read. I would recommend him to anyone who’s a fan of Mark Millar, or Deadpool-esque violence and madness.

And that’s my top 5! But I can’t finish this blog post without a few honourable mentions.

  • Tom Fletcher.Tom  Fletcher

Children’s book author with The Christmasaurus and The Creakers, soon to be YA author, too, with Eve Of Man in May, I love this man’s writing. He’s funny, imaginative, and sweeps you into a story in just a few sentences. Between the humour, the fourth wall breaks, and the musical accompaniments, I cannot resist Tom’s books! Also, it helps that he’s a McFly boy, so I auto-buy anything he ever does!

  • Carrie Hope Fletcher.Carrie Hope Fletcher

She deals with more magical-realism, so I have no idea if that really counts as fantasy, but I’m counting her! Carrie makes me actually like romance in a novel and has such a great way of pulling emotions out of me I didn’t know existed. Her second book, All That She Can See, also dealt with mental health issues in such an interesting way I cannot help but love her writing. I’ll buy anything she writes!

As for a few authors, I think will end up on the auto-buy list eventually… well, I have a few.

  • Rick Riordan.Rick Riordan

Please do not judge me, but I’ve never read anything by Riordan… yet. I now am the proud owner of the first five Percy Jackson books, as I had heard so much about them, and saw them down from £40 to £15 (thanks to The Works!), I had to snap them up! They’re one of my top priorities to read after May, and if what everyone else has said is true, I’m going to absolutely love these books, and I cannot wait to get into them and fall in love with Riordan’s writing.

  • Marissa Meyer.Marissa Meyer

Yeah, I know, how the hell have I not read anything by Meyer yet? Simple, I’m an idiot. And slow. But as of Monday morning, the day I type this up, I started Cinder, I’m currently only five chapters in, but I’m enjoying it so far, and I’m hoping it’ll continue. I’ve also got Renegades saved for just before the sequel to be released, so I’m currently semi-confident in my loving her writing. The disability rep is so far great, in my mind at least, in Cinder, it’s just my aversion to love stories that may put me off at this point…

  • Phillip Reeve.Philip Reeve

Finally, an author I have read before. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Larklight by Reeve. I read it cover to cover, and when I finished, I didn’t even pause in starting reading it again. I recently uncovered the book, and I cannot wait to reread it at some point and relive my childhood a bit. Recently, I also bought Mortal Engines, because of the film adaption coming out at the end of the year, so I reckon this is going to kick start my love of Reeve again. I’m very excited to find out.

  • Sarah J Maas.Sarah J. Maas

This is where I beg the book community to not totally shun me for the rest of time, but I’ve never read anything by Maas before. But my interest has been piqued, thanks to almost literally everyone ever. So I bought Throne Of Glass for my birthday, and it’s on my list of ‘things to read in April.’ I have a good feeling about this book at the moment, and about the author in general. I’m hoping it comes through, and I become a die-hard fan too.

I could go on for days, but I’m going to stop there, I’ve already gone over the actual prompt, but I couldn’t really help myself if I’m honest. There’s just so many authors I’m passionate about, or just plain excited to read!

What are you guys auto-buy authors? Anybody, I should check out right this second? Leave me a comment down below so I can check them out, I’m always on the lookout for more authors to read!

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Nevernight by Jay Kristoff Spoiler Free Review

Top 5 Wednesday (4)

You know when you’re in such a bad reading slump, that nothing is catching your attention, and every book seems boring? I felt the exact same way recently.

I couldn’t relate to the main character, I didn’t care for the storyline, I didn’t like the writing style. The list of problems was endless, I just could not make my way through an entire book.

And then I found Nevernight.

My God, Nevernight by Jay Kristoff knocked the slump right out of me, blew me away, and has fast become one of my favourite books. It’s currently contending for my book of the year, which is an incredible feat, considering I’ve read some fantastic books so far this year.

Let’s start by talking about what Nevernight is all about, shall we?

Nevernight follows the story of Mia, a girl who grew up in Godsgrave (funnily enough, the title of the second book in this series), and her quest to become an assassin. Yes, this book is about assassins. Can you tell why I was sold immediately?

Mia’s entire family was killed when she was a child, and now she wants revenge on the officials who sanctioned their murders. To do that, she must train under the Red Church, to learn the tricks of the assassin trade so she can exact revenge.

There’s only one problem, there are 27 other people training with her, and there’s only space for 4 new ‘Blades.’ Those who don’t graduate, but survive training, become ‘Hands,’ the servants of the Red Church and its Blades. And Hands don’t get to avenge their dead.

Full of twists and turns, and leaving behind several questions that need answering in the next two in the Nevernight Chronicles trilogy, Nevernight is a fantastic book to read. I loved finding out about the Church, the magic of the world, and about Mia herself. She was a headstrong, cocky, but intelligent character, who didn’t fall into the ‘strong female character because she hits things’ trope. Mia shows intelligence and wit, a strong moral code, despite her chosen profession, and a deep sense of the plight of others. I loved watching her story unfold in front of me.

writeabledreams (4)

Favourite parts of this book:

  • Mia, to start with. As I said above, she was a strong female character, without being exceptionally strong, she was strong in her intelligence, her moral code, and her sympathetic nature. She had her mission, but she still had time for mischief, making friends, and falling in love. I loved her.
  • The flashbacks. Mia’s past is slowly revealed through flashbacks throughout the book, which was far better than giving it to the reader immediately from the off. The flashbacks were also really clearly marked, so it was impossible to get lost between the two timelines. Also, it really helped to humanise Mia further and give the reader a better explanation as to why Mia was on this mission in the first place.
  • The plot twists. I won’t reveal any, but let’s just say that there were one or two that gave me whiplash as I read. I haven’t been hit like that in a long time, and very rarely have I been hit with a plot twist that good in a book.
  • The magic. Nevernight wasn’t a book steeped in magic, it was more that some characters had some level of magic inside them, and nearly all of it was twisted. From people who can change a person’s face from beautiful to horrifyingly ugly, to others who can transport others across the country through pools of blood, magic was seen as fascinating, but something to be feared.
  • Nobody was ever slut-shamed. There’s a lot of sex in this, and it’s not skimmed over either. And yet, nobody was ever slut-shamed, or shamed at all for sleeping with anybody else. The teachers of the Church don’t want anybody out after the ninth bell, but that’s for a completely different reason. Women sleep with men, and nobody is ever told that they are lesser for it. Hell, every acolyte takes a class in seduction! This is a completely free-from- shaming zone, and I loved that.

That’s just a few things I liked about this book, I just generally really, really loved it! I had very few cons, and it was for very small things, such as:

  • I sometimes got lost in fight scenes. But I nearly always do in books, for some reason, I can never properly get my head wrapped around fight scenes. In that sense, I’m definitely a visual person.
  • I wanted a bit more of an explanation and backstory to the bad guy. It didn’t feel like it was just ‘chucked in,’ it had very clearly been mapped out and hinted at throughout the story. But I had just wanted a bit more information on them. Maybe I’ll get it in the sequel, I hope so.

But other than that, I genuinely adored this book. It was exactly what I needed to read right now.

Nevernight is a fast paced, action packed, thrill ride of a book. If you love books about assassins, magic and revenge, and don’t mind a lot of swearing, violence and bloodshed, I would not hesitate to run out and buy this book!

I have to thank Clara, from Clara Reads Books, for recommending this book so much I had to pick it up. It’s brought me out of my horrendous reading slump and given me a new favourite author.

5/5 stars, I cannot wait for the second book!