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Tome Topple Wrap Up


At the time of writing this, Tome Topple has been over for two days, and quite frankly, I’m exhausted!

I didn’t think I could be so tired out from reading books, but it turns out, tomes take a lot of energy to read, which is probably why I usually avoid them like the plague.

But, what did I end up reading in the end?

Well, I managed to read:

  • American Gods
  • 68% of Strange The Dreamer
  • 80 pages of The Beast Player
  • 75 pages of The Last Magician
  • 65 pages of Blame

Which, quite frankly, was more than I was expecting to. In my TBR video, I said that I wished to read at least 2/3 books in the two weeks. Looking back, I realised that that was being a bit too overambitious for my first Tome Topple, maybe after becoming a seasoned Tome Toppler, but for a complete newbie? Not a chance.

So, even though I didn’t reach my target, I’m still very happy with my numbers. I got American Gods off my TBR, which was the book I was most intimidated by on my bookshelf. I started a couple of other books, which I decided were either not for me, or just not right for me at the time, and then I got most of the way through Strange The Dreamer.

But what did I think of the books I read/nearly finished?

I’ll start with American Gods, as I finished that one.

I have to admit, I was quite nervous about this book at first. The reviews are Goodreads prove that it is very much a ‘marmite’ book – you either love it, or you absolutely hate it. There is no in-between. I’ve had tutors who’ve hated it and DNF’d it, I’ve got friends who pushed me into reading it because they loved it so much. I was so nervous that I was going to hate this book, that I was going to find it confusing, that it was going to be too big for me to cope with, that I just was not going to like it for the many reasons others haven’t.

I needn’t have worried.

Saying that I loved this book would be an understatement. I adored it, I devoured it, I savoured every word. It was a fantastic read, another book that proves the genius that is Neil Gaiman. I’m so glad that I picked it up, despite not actually putting it on my TBR for this readathon.

I fell in love with Shadow from the first page, was intrigued by Wednesday, and totally enthralled by the cast of incredible characters. I couldn’t put the book down, I was obsessed and into it within seconds.

The amount of thought and planning that went into this book I cannot praise enough. Neil Gaiman has said that he spent years writing this book, and it shows. No stone is left unturned, no major culture ignored, no plot point left unresolved.

It was a fascinating read, one I cannot stop thinking about. The Gods featured were from every culture I could think of, the various creatures involved were intriguing and weaved into the story perfectly. The plot twist nearly gave me whiplash, I did not see it coming at all!

All in all, I gave American Gods a solid 5 stars. I cannot recommend it enough, it was truly a fantastic read.

Strange The Dreamer

While I have not finished this book, what I can say about it, is that the writing is beautiful. I can’t remember the last time I read such a beautifully written book, with such fantastic description and gorgeous world building.

I loved Lazlo from the get-go, he reminds me a lot of myself. I’ve forever got my nose stuck in a book, and I’m always known for dreaming of impossible scenarios. If only my impossible dreams came true like they do for Lazlo!

Seeing as I haven’t finished this book yet, I can’t give it a star rating, or a full review, but I’m hoping to finish the book by the end of the month so I can give a full review then.


All in all, I had a great time during Tome Topple, I’d definitely do it again! Thanks to all the hosts for running such a wonderful readathon!

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Summer TBR


I don’t usually set myself a TBR for an entire season, but I’ve been inspired, thanks to a rather massive rest-of-year-TBR, and several booktubers making videos, so without further ado, let’s get into my first ever Summer TBR!

Disclaimer: All of these are sci-fi and fantasy, I’m not a contemporary kind of girl or a reader of ‘summery books,’ so this is basically just a list of ‘lighter’ books in my possession which count as Summer reads for me.

  1.  This book has been on my shelf for so long I actually had forgotten it was even there. It was only when I saw a trailer for the movie adaption, that I suddenly remembered that I owned this book. It’s described as X-Men meets The Hunger Games, and as a massive X-Men fan, I cannot put this off for any longer!
  2.  Masque is Beauty And The Beast meets a murder mystery and has been sitting on my Kindle for at least a year, gathering digital dust. Now, I want to change that. I’ve got so many retellings to read, but this one is being prioritised because there’s something in the synopsis that just says ‘Summer’ to me. Maybe it’s the ballroom setting, maybe it’s because I associate Beauty And The Beast with Summer, despite the castle’s snowy setting. Either way, this is very high up my list of Summer reads.
  3.  I will eventually shut up about wanting to read The Beast’s Heart, but today is not that day. I’ve waited years to read this book, and now that I finally own it, I’m not going to put it off for much longer. I physically can’t. I love Beauty And The Beast, and this is the classic story, told from the Beast’s point of view, how can I possibly put off reading this for much longer?
  4.  Keeping with the fairy tale theme, I also want to give Language Of Thorns a go. I loved the Six Of Crows duology, recently finished Crooked Kingdom in fact. I loved both, and while I’m not entirely endeared towards the Grisha trilogy, I still want more from this world. What better way than to read the fairy tales the characters grew up with? Also, this is a really nice, short book under 300 pages long, which will make for a nice break from the tomes I’ve been reading recently for Tome Topple.
  5.  I’ll also eventually shut up about Skulduggery Pleasant and wanting to continue the series, but really, I won’t until I get round to finishing it. Or at least catching up with the new releases and spin-offs. I last picked up a Skulduggery book in October, and it left things on a frankly huge cliffhanger and started introducing a new story for Valkyrie. I need to continue, to find out how she saves Skulduggery, and her journey into becoming a necromancer.
  6.  Supervillains, antiheroes, and murder. Yes, perfect Summer read, right? Probably not for most, but for me, it sounds perfect. I’ve owned Vicious for too long without reading it, and with Vengeful coming out, and the Illumicrate Magic And Mayhem box on pre-order, I am not waiting another year to get to this series. It’s getting it read this Summer, I swear it!
  7.  Luckily for me, I’ve already read the first book in this series, The Lightning Thief, but the rest of the series hasn’t been picked up yet. I would have picked up Sea Of Monsters at the beginning of the month, but then I decided to take part in Tome Topple, so Percy had to be put on hold for a little while. After this week though, I’m free to continue his journey, so I’m getting back into this series. Originally, I was going to only read one book a month, but I’m starting to think that I would rather binge reading the entire thing, so, for now, I’m putting the last four books in the series in my Summer TBR. I’ll see how I go.
  8.  I miss Westworld. It’s been two weeks or something since that explosive finale aired, and quite frankly, I miss the Western setting, the gunslinging, and just about everything to do with it. So what better way to ease that empty hole, than to read a book with a Western setting, featuring a gunslinging, badass girl?
  9.  If you couldn’t tell by Vicious above, I’m a big fan of Victoria’s writing. I’m also a big fan of ghost stories and middle-grade novels. So quite frankly, this is the perfect book for me. I’m horrendously excited for it, so I’m ignoring the snowy setting entirely and reading it the day it comes out, probably still in the middle of this Summer heatwave. Ah well, who cares about setting when there’s a good story to read?

And that is currently my Summer TBR, I’ll probably not stick to this entirely, maybe add a few books on, take a few off depending on my mood. But currently, this is what I want to read throughout the rest of July, August, and September.

What have you guys got on your Summer TBR’s? Tell me down below in the comments!


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TV Shows I Can’t Wait To Binge Watch


It’s Summertime, the sun is shining, there’s a heatwave on, school is soon going to be out for those still in education, it’s time to go out and have fun!

Or, if you’re a vampire like me, then it’s time to sit indoors and read all the books and watch all the TV possible.

I’m not an outdoors person in any form, I go outside exclusively for meetings, cinema trips, and shopping. Sometimes, about twice a year, a family event. Other than that, I’m inside, and that’s where I’m happiest.

And, I’ve already spoken about what I’m going to read in this second half of the year.

So, what am I going to be watching?

  1. The Runaways. I know, a Marvel TV series I haven’t watched yet? Shocking! But, now I have the entire series entirely ready for me to watch in the evening, I think I made the right decision on that one!
  2. American Gods. As of the day I’m writing this, I just started reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and while I’m only 75 pages in so far, I’m really enjoying myself. I got the DVD for my birthday, so why not watch the show after I finished the book? Sounds like a plan to me!
  3. The Alienist. Luke Evans and Daniel Bruhl, murder and Victorian mystery, what else do I really need to say? I’m in! I saw the advert while I was on holiday in May, and I’m so excited to start this series, it sounds like a great watch, and the reviews are positive on the whole, who am I to ignore it?
  4. Kick-Ass. Somehow, I’ve only managed to ever watch the same part of the sequel, and read the first comic book. I’ve never seen the sequel the whole way through, let alone watch the first one. This film is exactly the kind of thing I like – gore, violence, Aaron Taylor Johnson, superheroes, how have I slept on this for so long? God knows, but that’s soon going to change, I can feel it.
  5. Now You See Me. Now, this is something I have watched. I love the Now You See Me films, and I’m currently in a big heist-movie mood, after binging the Ocean’s films, in celebration of Ocean’s 8’s release. I may as well continue that trend with Now You See Me, and wait (im)patiently for the third installment to start filming.

And that is my current top picks for summer watching. Of course, I’ll also be rounding off watching the latest seasons of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, Lucifer, and Poldark, but the rest of the time, I’m now free to get my teeth stuck into something new. Personally, I can’t wait,  I’ve got so many evenings free now, I may as well use them to get my To Be Watched list down a bit!

What are you guys watching in Summer? Have any good recommendations for me? Leave them in the comments down below!