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Deadpool 2 Spoiler Free Review

Deadpool 2 Spoiler Free Review

Warning: This review contains swearing, but it’s a Deadpool review, so you probably won’t care if you’re here.

Deadpool has been a legend among Marvel comic characters ever since his creation. He defies superhero rules, swears, breaks the fourth wall and is generally the biggest fucking antihero to ever antihero.

So, naturally, his debut film starring Ryan Reynolds as the infamous Wade Wilson became the highest selling R rated movie of all time in 2016. This year his sequel came out, and the question is, does it live up to the hype of the original?

You can bet your ass it does!

Deadpool 2 is an explosive (literally) fireball of a sequel, keeping all the things fans love from the first film while keeping the storyline fresh and original.

Without giving away spoilers, Deadpool 2 is about family, responsibility and standing up for those who need a hero. It’s also about grief and the lengths people will go to to try to make things right again. It gets deep, real deep, deeper than anyone thought Deadpool could get without the help of bullets and katanas.

And yet, it’s still funny. In between the serious, heartbreaking moments where we really see who Wade Wilson is at his core, is the usual cracktastic Deadpool we all love. He breaks the 4th wall, he makes jokes that are very, very close to the mark, he still kills people in the most violent way possible.

He’s still Deadpool, but there’s so much heart in this film, I wasn’t expecting it at all.
At first, it’ll have you saying some variation of ‘what in the ass is going on here?!’ But what follows is truly one of the best films I’ve seen this year. In places it’s beautiful, in others it’s hilarious, in others you cringe in pain for characters after particularly bloody fights. Deadpool 2 was more than I could have ever imagined it would be. I loved every mad second of it.

With cameos, you never expected to see, introductions to new fan favorites, and a fantastic storyline, Deadpool 2 has proven that it is a juggernaut of a franchise that can and will break every convention the superhero genre has picked up over the years, all while being ridiculously entertaining.

If you loved Deadpool 1, you will adore Deadpool 2. It truly is a masterpiece from Fox. Something I never thought I would say (with the exception of Logan last year, which I’m still not over).

Just a word of advice -stick around after the credits roll, the end credit scene is the best thing I’ve ever seen, that had the audience screaming with laughter. It, like the rest of the film, is not to be missed.


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Westworld – Is The Man In Black Actually A Host?

Westworld Theory


Westworld is a show known for its surprise plot twists. Benard is actually a) a robot, built by Ford, and b) based entirely on Arnold, Delores is also Wyatt, The Man In Black is actually William, the list goes on and on. Timelines, plot twists, and generally things you do not see coming is what Westworld is known for, besides gory violence.

And this has gotten me thinking, what if The Man In Black/William, is actually one of the Hosts, not a Guest as we are currently lead to believe?

It sounds mad and utterly impossible, but if you’ll let me, I’ll explain my reasoning:

  • Every story needs a villain, and what better than a mysterious, all-powerful man? Ford loves a good story, and what better way than to create this mysterious character, one who’s hell-bent on making the park even more real than it already is?
  • The Man In Black is obsessed with Delores and The Maze, and while he doesn’t understand what The Maze really is, or who it is for, it could be argued that it is his cornerstone. Ford and Arnold/Benard talk a lot about each Host having a cornerstone – something each of them holds on to and keeps on going back to. Delores and Teddy have each other, Benard has his son, The Man In Black’s are Delores, The Maze, and Hector. He’s always with at least one of the two Host’s or is hunting them down. And if you notice, he always goes to them, every time he ‘enters’ the park.
  • We never actually see The Man In Black outside of Westworld, we only ever see William outside, and that has only happened twice in this latest season. He rarely talks about the outside world, only that he owns a majority share of the park, and that he saved Ford’s project when it was failing. One other Guest speaks to The Man In Black briefly about his foundation, but he immediately cuts them off. Almost like he is centered around the park, and doesn’t want to leave, just like the rest of the Host’s.
  • And finally, the most damning of evidence. During Monday’s episode, The Man In Black has been shot in the arm and has to get the bullet out. We briefly see him pull it out, with a bit of blood, but as he closes the wound, we never see a close-up shot. The camera remains fixed on his and Hector’s faces as they talk. Go back and watch that part again, and think to yourself – in a show that loves its gore and violence, why completely avoid showing a man sewing up a gunshot wound, unless they were trying to hide something? It is common in TV and film to see the wound up close, to see it being fixed, why hide this specific shot, to focus entirely on our two character’s faces?

I could come up with more reasons, but currently, this is just off the top of my head. At the moment it sounds convincing, but it still begs the question, if The Man In Black is actually a robotic Host, is William real? And if so, how does he fit into all of this?

I’ve come up with a solution to that, too.

What if William was real, and everything we saw of him and Logan’s adventures in Westworld 30 years ago is all real? What if William really was obsessed with Westworld, bought the majority shares of it, and kept on coming back, over and over, unable to stop himself?

But what if he found out that he was dying? What if he died, and his final wish was to be made into a Host and planted into Westworld, as part of a big storyline? William admitted that he loved the park, that it made him feel alive, he was utterly obsessed with Delores, what if he wanted to be with her forever, and this was the only way, in his twisted mind?

He had the power to do it – as a large shareholder in the Delos company, he could order his robotic creation into existence. And Ford clearly has no morals when it comes to creating life model decoys of people he knows, using them to work for him in some way. He’s proved that already with Arnold/Benard.

And, if you think about it, it would make sense to do something like this. Creating a Host version of your now deceased main shareholder creates a lot of leverage and power for Ford. He can play with The Man In Black’s motives, he can get him to order the rest of the company to do as he wants. He can send the man out into the world, possibly to spy on other companies, bring back information on enemies. A Host pretending to be the majority shareholder in the Westworld company would be an incredibly useful thing to have – not to mention a powerful character in the park itself.

I could be entirely wrong, I could be reading too much into this. But it’s definitely something to think about. It’s not outside the realm of possibility in this show – nothing is. We have been blindsided by others being revealed to be robots before, it wouldn’t be completely mad to think that there is more than one person in the Westworld company who isn’t as human as they look.

What do you guys think? Am I barking entirely up the wrong tree? Or could I really be onto something?

Comment down below, tell me what you think of all of this!

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Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Free Review


Spoiler Free Review.png

This time last night, I was sitting in the cinema, preparing myself for the film event of the year. A film that has been 10 years, and 18 films, in the making.

Three different sets of superheroes – Avengers, Guardians and Masters Of The Mystic Arts, all coming together to create this one film. Infinity War.

Finally, the Avengers, the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Black Panther, and every superhero ever introduced all teaming up to defeat one person – Thanos.

It was a risk, a huge risk. What if the audience didn’t like a certain team? What if a key superhero failed to create the buzz needed? What if Thanos wasn’t a scary enough villain?

But let me tell you, it pays off. 

This film is everything every Marvel fan has ever wanted and more.

It’s funny, it’s clever, it’s absolutely devasting.

The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, characters actually die in this one, and they are not coming back (much to my absolute horror), and the ending is such a cliffhanger I am still in shock, 24 hours later.

To sound cliche to the maximum, which does not suit the sheer magnitude of this film, I laughed, I cried (twice), I cheered when heroes teamed up with other heroes. I gasped, I hyperventilated for the entire film, I nearly crushed my mum’s hand I was squeezing it was so hard.

Infinity War is everything I wanted and more. My predictions for the film were 90% wrong, I didn’t see anything that happened coming. I was utterly captivated and left crying through the titles at the end.

I cannot praise Marvel enough for this film. I cannot praise the actors and the writers and the CGI people and the directors and everyone for this film. This film paid off in every single way possible. I loved every single second, even when I was crying my eyes out, even as I sit here now, in total and utter denial, I loved every single second.

This is the biggest film event of a lifetime, and the experience cannot be topped. If it is topped, it’ll be by Avengers 4 next year.

To say the least, though, Avengers 4 has a lot to answer, and a lot to live up to.

For now, though, Infinity War is a brilliant, fantastic, out of this world thrill ride of an emotional rollercoaster. A must see for every superhero fan. There will never be an event like this again, and it has to be seen to be believed.